Gareth Woodward and Jasmine M Eccles led the Nottinghamshire Xzibit Young Creatives selection day at Dance4 on Sunday 9 December 2019. The hopeful young choreographers and dancers started the day by learnng technique and choreography and were then lead into choreographic tasks to develop their own ideas.

Forty-seven young people were in attendance and have been successfully selected to be part of the award winning programme. From January twelve young choreographers will work on a weekly basis with young dancers at Dance4’s iC4C to create their own performance work, which will be presented at a Nottingham Lakeside Arts on Sunday 24 March 2014.

The programme includes mentoring from renowned choreographers Kenrick Sandy MBE, and Tony Adigun and supported throughout by Gareth Woodward and Jasmine M Eccles. Xzibit Young Creatives 2019 will also be happening in other East Midlands counties enabling young dancers and young choreographers to create and present their work locally in Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.

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Inspire Youth Arts and Dance4 supported the day. Xzibit Young Creatives is a Gareth Woodward project, supported using public funding by National Lottery through Arts Council England, co-produced by Inspire Youth Arts and supported by Dance4, Curve, The Core at Corby Cube, Nottingham Lakeside Arts and artsNK.