Usha Mahenthrialingam is an interdisciplinary artist working across visual arts, movement, film, performance and creative mentoring practices.

Based in Nottingham she responds to the life of enquiry within health, ecology and education. She has become increasingly fascinated by the neuroscience of developmental movement and the multifaceted ways in which we learn, embody, relate and interconnect. She feels passionately that intelligence is not just in the head but involves our whole wonderful selves. She celebrates keeping the creative process alive in order to support our own and our planet’s well being.

Usha has undertaken a research residency at iC4C over Autumn we invited Usha to reflect on this journey and she shares some words to bring us into the knowledge and experiences found in this time.

In late 2019 Dance 4 hosted CAP Creative Articulations Process developed by Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon’s Choreographic Lab Research.

“As a group of 20 we spent two exploratory weekends being guided in a multitude of ways through the six facets of CAP: opening, situating, delving, raising, anatomising and out-warding.
Essentially a somatic practice weaving between the felt sense, writing and mark making to support ‘languaging’, imagination and reflection within creative practice and artistic research.

Jane and Vida were interested in applying CAP to different fields of practice and formed a small ‘Catalyst group’ of artists.

My residency arises out of being part of the catalyst group and has allowed me the time and space to play with CAP. During lockdown it’s been a gift to leave my all encompassing home to have this opportunity to work at Dance4.

CAP’s multimodal approach takes me into spheres of my creative practice/potential with a sense of curiosity and self-reflection.

Attending to the present moment, the felt sense and the unknown… I am continually surprised by what arises and what transforms – I’ve found it not only creatively refreshing but therapeutic – I’m loving the adventure of it!”
Usha Mahenthiralingam