As part of a Re-Framing Dance producer residency, Nora-Swantje Almes invited six practitioners into conversations on the shifting relationship between contemporary dance and visual arts.

The 5-part podcast series takes the practices of choreographers and artists Jamila Johnson-Small and Gillian Walsh, Holly Blakey, Michele Rizzo, curator/DJ Naeem Dxvis BBZ London and dance historian Tom Hastings as departure points to gather a variety of perspectives.

In the first episode Nora speaks about inherent contradictions and the potential of transformation with London-based artist and choreographer Jamila Johnson-Small and New York City-based choreographer Gillian Walsh.


Conversational formats have become an important research method that continuously inform Nora’s curatorial practice. The series understands the ‘in-between’, unpredictability and being in-flux as a legitimate tool. Queering* and body-based practices in institutions both challenge existing (infra)structures and open up room for new working practices. By bringing about moments of surprise, conversations reflect this non-linearity and facilitate a constant learning beyond education conventions. Their fluid character allows for dissonance – a change of direction in the midst of it. Primarily recorded for curatorial research purposes, the edited episodes give an insight into the practitioners’ cross-points, shared questions and concerns, and an outlook on where to go from here.

Sound Design: Urban Feral
Sound Edit: Tom Harris

Thanks to Primary, Jerwood Arts, Lxo Cohen, Annika Thiems.

Image Credit: Bless This Place (2018), performance by Aaron Ratajczyk, image by Philippe Gerlach