Intimate and quietly compelling, ‘what remains and is to come’ invites audiences into the upcloseness of shifting relations between two performers, paper and charcoal.

Inspired by the question of how to treat materials as equals and not as tools for our desires, the performers’ bodies exist as both human and material presences. Time slows down as the audience moves freely through the space, catching intimate glimpses of increasing relations between materials. The audience becomes witness to a visceral accumulation of haunting images evoking the enduringness of human work, of living and of dying.

An immersive performance installation with sound by Tim Sayer.

Some audience responses:

‘inventive and intimate…I was left immensely moved, touched on both a personal and universal level’

‘intrinsic, silent, forceful’

‘the images are somehow as non-representational as they are capture of a process…a magical accomplishment’

Please note: The performance contains some nudity.

Rosanna Irvine is a Research Artist with Dance4.

The performance will be followed by a POST SHOW DISCUSSION at 4PM.


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