tilt/rhythm/back is a choreographic project by Katrina Brown developing across a series of dances, drawings, artist pages and open labs to explore a notion of the ‘dorsal’ and a moving body’s orientation to the back – the surfaces of the body hidden from view. Moving through the back and moving backwards creates a particular relationship to the spine, weight, gravity, breath, skin, vision – often manifesting as a slightly disorientating force.

Katrina is curious how the dorsal as a choreographic entry point could create playful resistant interventions in the general forward direction of our moving, working, living – how philosophical ideas of the dorsal coincide and reside in the moving body and in moving together.

Throughout her research residency Katrina will be developing movement material and drawings for the project as well as experimenting with formats for presenting live and mediated works: towards the making of a ‘choreographic exhibition’ consisting of dances and drawings for gallery-like and other architectural spaces.

Katrina will also be developing Dance & Drawing labs to share ideas: inviting participants to investigate the dorsal through simple task-based activities and spatial scores and through activities of moving, drawing, talking where physical and philosophical open and operate together.


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