Feet Off The Ground  is an all-female performance collective making innovative, physical and engaging dance in varying settings and contexts.

Feet Off The Ground is looking for a variety of women to collaborate within a creative process in which to enrich and inform their work The Way They Were Then. The piece is inspired by author Eduardo Galeano’s stories about women who left imprints, big and small, across the globe. Themes include female empowerment, oppression, rebellion and unity.

Watch a short trailer here of The Way They Were Then.

The project will take place once a week over 3 consecutive weeks during a residency at iC4C, in a creative and informal setting.

The sessions will be 2.5 hours each with breaks. Tea and snacks will be provided.

Feet Off The Ground is looking for women who:

  • are interested in being part of a collaborative and creative project
  • have an interest in stories
  • are open to exploring simple movement in a non-judgemental environment
  • enjoy chatting and sharing!

Participants will:

  • have the opportunity to collaborate with Feet Off The Ground, be a part of a creative process and gain insight into a professional dance company
    explore ideas through simple movement
  • inform and enrich a dance piece
  • form new relationships with women across the local area
  • have their stories, responses and feedback woven into the tapestry of a professional dance piece about women
  • have the opportunity to engage with Feet Off The Ground and Dance4 in future projects
  • feature in a short film that will be screened alongside Feet off the Ground’s performances of The Way They Were Then

Click here for full details about the workshop.


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