The Future Dancer is an ongoing project that through research, residencies and conversations is exploring what the future of dance will be/is and how we revision the future of dance. Here Lucy Suggate writes about the journey of The Future Dancer so far.

The subject matter of The Future Dancer is turning out to be an epic, unanswerable conundrum and definitely not to be attempted alone.
I realised very quickly that the future is both near and far and intricately different for every living entity.
I realised very quickly the tyranny of science fiction and visions of crap dancing artificial intelligence.
I realised very quickly I’m not interested in the body obsolete – I mean I’m sure I’d like the shiny outfits we’d all be wearing.
I realised very quickly that I keep returning back to the body, falling deep into my body whilst casting a glance back to the graveyard of manifesto’s left behind by the twentieth century.
I realised very quickly I am your “Future Dancer” Isadora Duncan – my body and soul have grown so harmonious that they are one and when I dance I spin a web of complexity and grace, plucked from the depths of the peceptual sea.

So as I cast a glance forwards and The Future Dancer is the epitome of turbo-embodiment – she is a techno-feminist-cyborg-creature who has the immense capacity to translate, trasmit, transform and transfigure. She listens to both the ancient and the brand new and is coaxed out of the body.

This clip is a short excerpt from a research as practice developed between drummer Tom Page and Lucy Suggate in January / February 2017. Together we explored what happens when you practice deep listening alongside one and other and when you agree to cradle ideas cast them gently out into the vast unknown. During this research I turned to the writings of composer Pauline Oliveros, she wrote the following;

“Consciousness is awareness of stimuli and reactions in the moment. Consciousness is acting with awareness, presence and memory. What is learned is retained and retrievable. Information, knowledge of events, feelings and experiences can be brought forward from the past to the presnet…Humans have ideas. Ideas drive consciousness forward to new perceptions and perspectives.” (Pauline Oliveros, 2003)

My Future Dancer probably doesn’t look like your Future Dancer and I think that is a good thing.

The Future Dancer was performed as part of Nottdance 2017.



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