Road Postures looks at the patterns our bodies make, the way we traverse, negotiate and shape the space around us. The work frames two bodies that are both charged and un-charged.

Roberta Jean and Stephanie McMann perform:

They will get up and get down and get up and get down again.
The physical actions they repeat will become echoes.
They will fly and lay and hover in-between.
They will charge and re-charge and be blown.

Research for Road Postures was initially supported by Chisenhale Dance Space and The London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The commission involved research and observations of the local community,  focusing on the contrasting ways in which people present them selves day-to-day and the way people manouevre their bodies through public spaces.

This project was performed at:

Déda – November 2012

De Montfort University – March 2014

Nottingham Trent University as part of NEAT Festival 2014.


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