Re-Framing Dance considers in what ways independent producers can be supported to enhance the current presentation of dance in the gallery. This project aims to utilise the city of Nottingham and its enviable and vibrant museum and visual art sector, with a potential to realise an extraordinary range of works and practices.
Galleries are increasingly a site for the public to witness, explore and even participate in choreographic practices. They are sites where artists working in this field seek to develop and present their work. Stemming from Dance4’s philosophy of curiosity, risk and doubt, we ask, what can be realised by independent artists if producers provide skills and capacity to bring about new work in the gallery?


About the Programme
Re-Framing Dance is an action research project. Part one of the project will support 3 residencies for 3 independent producers to invite curators, artists and Dance4 into a process to undertake choreographic research exploring the possibilities to create new work that invites audiences to see, experience and potentially participate in choreographic art works sited in gallery contexts.

The programme will be supported by two mentors, as well as Dance4’s experienced team, who will encourage the producers to think beyond what they know, to seek out innovative new approaches and explore new models for the delivery of such projects.

3 independent producers will be selected to take part in a producers’ residency to explore ideas, discuss them with experienced mentors and meet visual arts curators from across Nottingham’s vibrant gallery sector. They will then be supported to develop their own project with input from Dance4’s experienced producing team and gallery partners. They will each be given a budget to deliver a 3-week residency with a gallery partner in Nottingham involving up to 3 dance artists (or other collaborators) who are in the first 10 years of their professional practice. The projects will be documented professionally.

The outcomes of this initial phase will be platformed during Talking, Thinking, Dancing about dance in the gallery contexts will be presented alongside film documentation and discussion about the 3 projects.

Part two of the project will invite one of the projects developed during the action research to receive a commission from Dance4 to develop a full performance in 2021.

This opportunity is for independent producers within the first 10 years of establishing their professional practice.


To download the application form with full application details please click here.


The following organisations are in partnership with Re-Framing Dance, 3 of which will be hosts.

Potential hosts:

Lakeside Arts/University of Nottingham,
National Justice Museum,
New Art Exchange,
New Midland Group (comprising of Backlit, One Thoresby Street and Primary)
and Surface Gallery.

Contributing but not hosting:

Bonington Gallery
and Nottingham Museum Services with Nottingham Castle Trust in collaborative partnership.


Re-Framing Dance is supported by Jerwood Arts Development Programme Fund.

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