Possibilities, Impossibilities, Dance and Justice (working title)

Through a three week residency at the National Justice Museum, she will develop skills in producing new work in gallery/museum spaces as part of Re-Framing Dance.

Current Research Questions
What feelings of possibility and impossibility arise when moving towards producing or practicing dance in a justice or prison museum?

How can a producing practice support artists approached by or approaching a justice or prison museum?

Where is the overlap between prison abolitionist activism, justice museum producing and dance practices? Who is working in this area? What might this work be?

What are the possibilities of dance to disrupt a sense of “past-ness” in the museum?

Broad Sequence of Actions

1. Co-research into producing dance at The National Justice Museum with contemporary dance artists.

Re-assess research questions.

2. Conversations and interviews with people working at The National Justice Museum.

Re-assess research questions.

3. Conversations and interviews with people working in fields of –

– Site-response Dance
– Prison Abolition Activism
– Producing Dance
– Justice or Prison Museum Curation
– Academics researching the above
– Re-assess research questions.

4. Consolidate journey so far.

5. Draw out experiences & data in relation to the larger Re-Framing Dance project.

6. Present & Evaluate.


If you would like to be involved in the research or have any comments or questions please email Rosa: [email protected]



Header image Rosa Postlethwaite still from Composed trailer by Claire Nolan (2018).

Supported by Dance4 and Jerwood Arts. In partnership with the National Justice Museum.


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