We asked some audience members in Peterborough to tell us what they thought of H2Dance‘s Strangers and Others – have a read here and book for the show coming to us in Nottingham on 2 December!

Strangers and Others is an engaging and frank look at how we interact with other people. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about leaving behind the security blanket of being in an audience, but in just a moment I was drawn in like the others and travelling silently guided only by the voice in my headphones.

When two dogs meet for the first time, they circle around each other sniffing and appraising. As humans we hold back. We have manners. We have customs. This piece gave us permission to engage. I cannot believe how strange it felt to really stare into a strangers eyes; and yet, why not?

Prepare to have some preconceptions uprooted in an animated tapestry that will take on a different shape at every performance. This inventive piece will have you thinking long after you take off your headphones.

Julie from Peterborough

H2Dance’s Strangers and Others will be at iC4C, Nottingham on 2 December.



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