Please Do Touch is the second phase of Sally Doughty, Rachel Krische & Lisa Kendall’s Body of Knowledge project.

Having secured a second round of (further) funding from Arts Council England, Sally, Rachel & Lisa are working with Dance4 and New Walk Museum, Leicester, to continue to explore the idea of the body as an archive (opposed to the tangible: scores, costumes and documentation).

There is an initial interest in the 1946 ‘Please Do Touch’, an innovative exhibition that took place at New Walk Museum, which enabled visitors with visual impairments to handle objects. Exploring this idea beyond those with visual impairments and breaking from the norm of what a museum/archive can be or how it can be accessed. The artists will build upon this notion by making dance accessible to the public by challenging traditional modes of presentation by inviting an audience to be in conversation with the dancers and in close proximity to the dancing bodies. Locating themselves in the museum space, the three artists will suggest that the body has equal value to the exhibits, which gives rise to a reconsideration of how the dancer’s body can be conceived of as an archive/artefact.

The second phase, produced by Dance4 in partnership with New Walk Museum, will involve residencies at both iC4C and New Walk Museum and will culminate in a weekend of free performances at New Walk Museum early December. Keep your eyes out for new updates as the project progresses.


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