Peer Pleasure will be a series of intimate performances and installations that will explore how our personal narratives are constructed and relate to public persona and identity.

How free are the choices we make about our lives? How are public and private identities interconnected? Do we brand ourselves to hide our pain? Is our brand our identity? How do we see ourselves and view others? How do we circumnavigate our way out of a life mapped out for us?

The first manifestation will reveal the narratives of three female artists through dance/movement, spoken and written text, photographic cut outs, film and music. Marketing and propaganda techniques will be employed to expose the manner in which our belief systems and knowledge are manipulated through our innate need for pleasure and alleviation of pain.

There will be practical explorations with mirrors relating to aesthetics, choreography, identity, gaze and audience interaction based on Nicola’s research into the use of mirrors in various art forms. The project will interrogate how audiences are engaged emotionally and intellectually: how do we inspire their contemplation of the performers’ and their own narrative and public/private identities in relation to the political and socioeconomic context?


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