In Paradigm, Machado creates a DIY folklore for bodies with blurry identities, inventing alternative fictional artefacts, narratives, dances, rituals and music.

A Body, as a mechanical piece of a bigger organic body – the stage itself. He moves as if operating something with consequences that are never direct or evident. We can recognise the criteria of an operation but not its consequences, redirecting our attention from the thing produced, to the body itself, the quality of it’s movement and the politics it evokes. A worker, an artisan, a figure of labor that comes from a time before the division between the architect and the brick-layer. The construction of playful realities, with concrete materials and complex home-made engineering.

A body that through this practice enters a process of abstraction, trying to escape it’s own anthropomorphism.
To be human, as to be the theatrical building, disengaged of the pursuit of an essence.

UK tour produced by Dance4.

With music by Hanna Kangassalo, Robert Tenevall and Erik Sjölin .


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