Oogly Boogly is an event, a performance and a game, for toddlers between 12 and 18 months.

It invites the very young and their parents/carers into a neutral, friendly environment created by Architects of Air, free from toys and distractions, where four performers follow and amplify the children’s activity while their adults observe.

Oogly Boogly is a new meeting place between the worlds of baby and grown-up discovered in an event that is improvisatory and utterly unpredictable for everyone involved.

‘This was a show to remember and treasure – where the arts and the spirit meet child development. Some important pioneer work has begun. Oogly Boogly is an experience that would benefit every child who is on the edge of language. It links very powerfully with what is known through internationally agreed research evidence, about the development of communication and language.’ Professor Tina Bruce, Roehampton University

‘What a marvelous celebration of the joys of learning to move and interact’ Parent

Tom Morris (Artistic Director of Bristol Old Vice; War Horse) and Guy Dartnell (award winning solo artist; Improbable & Lone Twin Theatre collaborator) with producer Emma Gladstone (Sadlers Wells Theatre) created and developed Oogly Boogly in 2003.

Supported and developed by Your Imagination, BAC and Crying Out Loud. Commissioned by Crying Out Loud. Produced by Dance4. Supported by Arts Council England.



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