Recently described as a ‘deliciously entertaining kind of dance theatre’, Jonathan and Matteo’s funny and clever One Flute Note is a highly structured, deadpan deconstruction of words, music and movement.

Two men begin by calling out requests for music that gradually builds into a kind of score to which fragments of dance are performed. The more complex the material becomes the harder the performers work to keep track of its construction.

Over the past ten years Jonathan and Matteo have built a body of duets which juxtapose the formality of music composition with a radical and open approach to performance and audiences. One Flute Note continues their conversation with the structure of John Cage’s Lecture On Nothing, at once a homage to and questioning of, a way of thinking that has underpinned so much dance and performance in the last thirty years.

Performance followed by a discussion chaired by Paul Russ, Chief Executive/Artistic Director, Dance4

‘…a challenging meditation on form and memory, but performed with such a droll tension that it’s

also a deliciously entertaining kind of dance theatre.’

Judith Mackrell  The Guardian


Closer to the Body was part of Nottdance 2013.

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