Rhinestone Cowboy: Winterage: A homecoming

Chicago based choreographer and performance artist, Mark Jeffery is staging a homecoming. Mark will be in residency at iC4C for 1 week between Monday 2 December and Friday 6 December.

Mark was born on a farm in the East Midlands village of Doveridge, Derbyshire in 1973. For his Dance4 residency Mark will be developing, staging, and creating long and short durational movement images where he will mine from his rural childhood and adulthood past towards a memorial towards winterage – the ritual, where cows return off the field and back to the barn from the fields for the winter.

Mark’s farmer, father Joe Jeffery was a herdsman for over 30 years who worked for the farmer, milking over 100 cows a day. In February 2002, Joe fell from the milking parlour roof, and survived the fall, but was severely disabled for the rest of his life. Joe passed away in August 2008.

Mark will return to the farm and village the following week after his time at iC4C to work with filmmaker Lucy Cash to work towards a short film. The film will adapt the images that Mark will develop during his residency to sites in the village and to the farm, and his family. In developing the material over the week he will also work with costumes and garments from artist Grace Duval, singer, songwriter and social historian Hazel McDowell, in addition to sharing material to Chicago based dramaturge, Ian Moore to receive feedback on the material he develops. He will consider and think about the images he will make by combining and responding to painter Andrew Wyeth, Jaques – Louis David, Alabama poet Everette Madodox and vernacular Mississippi artist Loy Bowlin, the original Rhinestone Cowboy.

What is the last dance, a last milk, a staging of thank you and goodbye?

Photos on this page by Aram Atamian


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