Please note that due to the current situation iC4C is closed to the public until Monday 15 June, which does mean this residency will not be going ahead as planned. Any developments or rescheduling will be updated here once details have been confirmed.

Mark Bleakley will join us at iC4C for a 2-week residency in April. We welcome Mark to develop two of his current projects during his two weeks in residence.

Week 1: How we handle Things
How we handle Things is a performance installation exploring the shifting relationships that we have with bodies, objects, memories and touch. Investigated through a contemporary lens, performers and audience build a landscape together – a mix of flesh and plastic, simultaneously revered and disposable. The environment is one akin to a laboratory, inviting us to contemplate interactions between body and object through dance, sculpture and conversation.

Mark will be focusing on developing the audience experience though studio research and a Sunday Supplement at the end of his 2 week residency where participants will be invited to take part in a casting process using medical grade thermoplastic, which is a sculptural element in the work.

Week 2: Schema
During his second week Mark will develop research project Schema. This research project explores the dialogue between collective experience, weight and or gravity): how is this used in, with or against bodies collective and singular?

This is an ongoing research project examining a range of phenomena through writing, graphics, performance and discussion. Moving through the live performances of James Brown to the aesthetics and choreo-politics of protest to the utopian and anarchic architectures of rave, mosh pits and mass hysteria. This project sifts though historical references and fictions to explore this relationship of weight and agency, perspective and structures of the state. During residence at Dance4 Mark will begin developing the a performance lecture incorporating the disparate media used in the research thus far. Questions for this project revolve around what needs to be communicated through the body? How can we share hold, give weight and hold it together as performer and audience?

Image Credit: Photographer Calricia Parinussa