Initially, Mark Bleakley’s residency focused on the development of two research projects; How we handle Things and Schema: Imprints of political weight.
Believing that forces that informed these projects are stronger than ever and the considerations of how we assemble, share weight, show solidarity and hold on to each other is reminding us we are social organisms and these connections are integral to life.

Working with Dance4, Mark has developed a responsive project considering; how can we disseminate touch or other forms of physicality to an audience that is remote? What can we use as a stand-in for collective presence? Focusing on the core sensations involved in Schema and How we handle… : Heat and weight. Using medical thermoplastics and block printing Mark will develop a series of engagements with an audience via post and then video conversations to reflect upon this gesture/action.

Mark will continue working on the research project Schema. Developing an audio-guided movement workshop for exploring and discussing sensations of groundless, grounded and inertia.

“It feels more urgent than ever to contemplate strategies of resisting and affirmations of self – over the lockdown, I have found myself dancing more than ever; a need to remind myself of the presence and control I have of my own flesh (a privilege others may not have as much control of).”
Mark Bleakley

Image Credit: Photographer Claricia Parinussa


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