Dance4 was invited to host a number of events as part of UKYA’s City Takover. We were struck by the innovative choreographic thinking in Library by Jake Walker and made an invitation to him and the work to join us at iC4C for the festival and to share this space online.

Library is a computer program, coded by Jake, that randomly generates instructions for movement. It is exhibited as a book of instructions and video of the artist performing them. Shown together in this way, the instructions draw attention to the body of the readers to promote them to imagine performing it too.

I was interested in finding ways to build up my own choreographic language. Using random functions to control the output means I was able to find new ways of moving that I wouldn’t have considered before. Using a computer program to do this means i can instantly generate as many instructions as I want, instead of say using manual randomness methods such as rolling a dice. I’m also thinking about how we are all somewhat cyborgs in the sense that our phones and laptops are extensions of ourselves.
Jake Walker discussing his inspiration for the work in 2018

We invite you to perform some of the instructions for yourself.

Since the first version of Library was created and exhibited at iC4C, Jake has continued to develop the work. Using the computer program in the same way as before he has created a new 17 minute video, this time playing with sequencing of movements, video clips and music.

“I’m not always sure of the relation between the movements and sound but I wanted to create something in which narrative and meaning could emerge. This was something I was trying to do in the first film but didn’t think I had resolved.”

To have a conversation with Jake about Library and how it is developing, please email Jim.


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