Please note that due to the current situation iC4C is closed to the public until Monday 15 June, which does mean this residency will not be going ahead as planned.

Any developments or rescheduling will be updated here once details have been confirmed.

However please do have a read about Leila McMillan’s work, Curl of Hair which she intends to develop in the future.



Curl of Hair is an idea born out of a personal story which has driven her to devise a work anchored in duality, shame and identity conflict reflecting on lived experience and expanding this through research with a psychologist in community settings. It will engage with the interplay of shadow/light within ourselves – our shadows never escape us, they shapeshift and at times are invisible.

How do we experience duality? Is this seen through our roles, identities or relationships? How does shame, anxiety and/or conflict affect us physically and psychologically?

During Leila’s time at iC4C, she will work with a psychotherapist to support a series of meetings with different community groups with a specific focus on mother’s and their experience of duality openly linked with notions of gender, shame & conflict.

As an artist, Leila seeks to draw on personal experience when creating work as a means of what drives her creativity. Her process pulls on tools from ‘Flying Low’ and ‘Passing Through’ methods, improvisation, imagery with collaboration at the heart of all processes.

During her time in residence she will be runing a lab open to dance artists within the East Midlands to experience her daily practice in connection to the research of this work and also a professional class exploring principles of ‘Flying Low’ technique and Leila’s further developments from this.