We’re excited to invite you to join dance artist Leila McMillan’s new research project, Curl of Hair.

Curl of Hair is a new work that Leila McMillan is researching and developing. This project was originally intended to be developed in an artistic residency at iC4C, but due to current circumstances has not been possible and so Leila is continuing in a remote way with virtual content.

In all of Leila’s work, she draws on her own personal experiences when creating work as a means of what drives her creativity. Curl of Hair is born out of her own personal story and delves into themes of duality as well as shame, identity and conflict.

Leila is inviting you to participate in her research with details below:

Shadow Dancing delves into notions of duality and the interplay of shadow/light within us in a very practical and literal way. This is a way of physicalising the themes of the work.

Suitable for little people and their adults, Leila has developed two ‘how-to’ videos to get you and your shadow dancing and invites you to playfully take part:

– What does your shadow look like?
– Have you said hello to your shadow today?
– Have you danced with your shadow? What makes our shadow?

Your shadow is something that’s always there whether it’s small or large and we take it with us everywhere we go. Can it do more than just follow us around? With the help of a flashlight, we will play with our shadow, looking at different ways we can create a shadow, its size, shape and how we can make our shadow dance.

How to Get Involved

1. Watch the ‘how-to’ video (child or adult version) available on the Dance4 website here from 11AM,  Thursday 11 June.
2. Using steps outlined in the video, get playful and create your own shadow dance.
3. If you are willing, you can create your own video or photos, full of your own creative ideas and share your ‘Shadow Dances’ to social media using the hashtag @mcmillanleila or #shadowdancinglm

Age Guidance

Children: For ages 3+ with parents/guardians
Adults: For ages 16+

Both videos approx 4mins in length and will be available below from 11am, Thursday 11 June and will remain up for 1 month until Friday 10 July.


How-To Video for Shadow Dancing for Families
(3+ with Parent/s/guadian/s)


How-To Video for Shadow Dancing





As part of her research for Curl of hair, Leila would also like to hear your stories, in particular your relationship with duality, shame, identity and conflict.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences or stories related to these themes, please visit the page here to read more and find a questionnaire to be completed.