This summer in the last week of July 2018, Konstantina Skalionta is in residency at Dance4 working on her latest work Land(e)scape.

Land(e)scape is an intimate solo performance which invites you, the audience member, to share a journey through different landscapes, mindscapes and emotions.

Land(e)scape renders ‘home’ as a state of being, a feeling of belonging and of being at peace with oneself; a state which requires a physical and spiritual journey in search of it. The performance explores how Mind and Body influence each other and to what extent are affected by the environment we live in.

Konstantina’s current practice merges performing and developing a choreographic concept with researching audience engagement in different communities and settings. She is interested in shaping a direct, engaging and eventually intriguing bond between herself as performer and the audience during the performance as well as the creative process.

This summer as well as her residency and performance at Dance4, Konstantina will take Land(e)scape to Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, the NN Contemporary Gallery in Northampton, and the Dance House Limassol in Cyprus. Through this series of residencies she will be exploring how different settings and frameworks affect the audience and performer relationship, as well as how different communities respond to the invitation be part of a performance. How can the dialogue between performer and audience member become productive during the creative process?


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