This sound installation invites its audience on a choreographed sound journey through several rooms and back corridors of the former factory building Alfred House in Sneinton (Backlit Studios).

URBAN SOUNDS, historical recordings and the voices of Sneinton people will animate Sneinton’s Backlit Gallery in a ground-breaking installation from Gabriele Reuter and Mattef kuhlmey, presented by Dance4.

Hidden Spaces in Sneinton takes a sound journey through several rooms and back corridors of the former factory building Alfred House, now Backlit Gallery, navigating Sneinton’s and St Ann’s key historical shifts  from the 1940’s to today.

Bringing the surrounding neighbourhood to life and triggering collective and individual memory, the piece is a collaboration from choreographer Gabriele Reuter and sound designer/composer Mattef Kuhlmey and supported by Confetti Students.

Gabriele is not only a choreographer but an urban historian with strong links to the region. We are delighted to be presenting this work which explores the area’s heritage and community voices. It will make for a fascinating experience.

Gabriele said: “During the research for the installation I have spoken to a number of local residents as well as collected historical film footage and delving into the Nottingham Oral History Archive. All participants have contributed with extraordinary stories, memories and anecdotes, ranging from the 1940s until today and I have carefully selected a range of these recordings for visitors to enjoy.”

Each visitor will be invited on an individual walk through the installation, which will stretch across several floors and back corridors of the former factory building. Different sound sources will vary the experience of the visitor from more intimate engagements, like listening to an individual story or memory through headphones, to larger soundscapes and musical compositions inspired by former factory sounds travelling through the loudspeakers set up on several floors of the building.




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