Please note that due to the current situation iC4C is closed to the public until Monday 6 July, which does mean this residency will not be going ahead as planned. Any developments or rescheduling will be updated here once details have been confirmed. 



H2DANCE returns to iC4C for a 1 week residency week beginning Monday 15 June. During this residency, they will be developing the next part of their work around Amplified Theatre.

Currently developing a new performance series taking its starting point in the black box theatre and the physical elements the space contains. They have created Amplified Edition for the theatre space which is co-produced by Black Box Teater and Rosendal Teater (NO), and supported by Arts Council England, Nordic Culture Fund, Dance4 (UK), Cambridge Junction (UK) and premiered Saturday 5 October 2019 at Rosendal Teater Trondheim (NO).

Now ready to develop the second edition, a durational performance for the ‘white box’ or gallery space. This new performance brings the elements from the black box, such as lights, microphones, cables, filters, ropes and curtains into a white fully lit space, in order to examine their relationship to them in a new context.

Where the black box allows the performers to play with disappearing and appearing through darkness and light, the white box proposes other strategies for making the body invisible in the space, merging with the landscape and turning the body into an object. By re-contextualizing and framing the same elements in a different space they open up for new readings of the same material.

In the black box, they’re adding lights to the body as a strategy to reveal the spaces underneath and behind, as the body interacts with an object or element, while the white box allows the same movement and interaction to create a sculptural shape. In the black box, the lighting gels create colourful light projections yet in the white space, they are merely plastic sheets of colour. The re-use of the material from the black box into another series of editions is an important aspect of the ethos of the work in terms of sustainability and longevity.

The auditory landscape is played and performed live. All sounds are processed and distorted so that nothing is recognized. The distorted sound world comes together as a response to the meeting of the objects and movement. They’ll play with the sound created by microphones placed and attached to the objects in space, and use their own voices in relation, to create vocal choreographic landscapes, that stretches, slows down, speeds up, breaks apart, harmonizes, distracts and crashes into each other.


Choreography: H2DANCE/Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard

Dramaturgy: Martin Hargreaves

Set design: What if projects/Ulrike Steven and Gareth Morris

Producer: Natalie Richardson/Konzept Arts and Ideas

Photo by Hanne Frostad Håkonsen

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