Amplified Edition No 2 takes the material from the black box into a white box or gallery space to examine the resonance in this new context and is the 2nd part of the Amplified Edition series.

The first edition was based on the black box theatre and its objects, and premiered at Rosendal Teater NO in October 2019.

Amplified Edition N ° 2 continues the project by investigating the potential of the same material in the gallery space. We take the objects from the blackbox space into the gallery, a room where they do not belong, and lay them flat on the floor instead of hanging them up, as there is no rig. From there, the material (dance floor, curtains, lanterns, tubes and gels) will grow out of the floor and gradually creep up and out of the room, through doors and windows. The work explores the potential of the material to transcend its normative, ordinary function – and whether it can operate with multiple roles simultaneously, opening up for an existence somewhere in between, making room for the periphery. What does the gallery do with how we read the body in relation to the architecture and objects?

Amplified Edition no2 explores the choreographic potential of interaction between performers, objects, sound and architecture. Based on feminist theorist Donna J. Haraway’s proposal for sym-poiesis, a new way of configuring our relationship with each other and other species, the performers interact with objects, space and each other, in front, next to and around the audience. Together they become each other’s accompanying species, in constant discovery and search for new relations.
Choreography and direction: Hanna Gillgren & Heidi Rustgaard
Dramaturg: Martin Hargreaves
Architects/set and costume design: what-if:projects
Sound Engineer – Ross Flight
Producer: Natalie Richardson/Konzept Arts & Ideas

Funded by Arts Council England & the Nordic Culture Fund.


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