Gillie Kleiman is looking for non-professional performers who are interested in doing a dance performance in their own homes as part of her new project friend. This will be a paid opportunity in Leeds, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Nottingham.

friend is a dance performance performed by an adult non-professional performer in their home to an audience of only their friends.

Performers will learn and develop a solo dance by working through packs of posted materials as well as online and/or phone conversations with Gillie, her colleagues and the other performers. Each performance of friend will be the same as the others, whilst also being specific to each performer. They will all be performed in the week of 23 November 2020. The work will be developed throughout October and November, flexibly according to performers’ needs and their wider circumstances.

This is a pilot phase, which means that it acts as a kind of test for future versions of the performance. There will be some mistakes and changes. The performers will be a key part of us understanding together what it means to make and do a performance in this way.

All performers must be over 18 and you must not usually consider yourself a professional performer. You must live and plan to do the performance in either Leeds, Newcastle upon Tyne or Nottingham.

To take part, you will need to have in your home, or to be able to acquire (with support as necessary):

– A device through which to have Zoom (or similar) so we can meet and talk

– An internet connection

– A space in which you can work privately (it doesn’t have to be big, but it does need to have at least enough room to get a yoga mat down comfortably)

– A way to record yourself on video

– A way to organise notes and be able to share them with Gillie in an agreed way

– The space to host at least five friends in your home where they can watch you do the performance, and then where you can all eat a meal together

– The willingness to, with support, select and invite five or more friends to be audience members in good time, and to communicate about the details

– The means to receive and send post

– A device to play recorded music


The fee for this work is £500.

If you would like to take part but are in a situation where you are unable to receive the payment (such as migration status or effect on benefits) then we can discuss alternatives that might make it work for you. There are also additional funds for access.


How to Apply

To apply, please complete this form, which will ask you to submit:

– An introduction to yourself, including your name, pronouns, and anything else you think we need to know about you (so that, if selected, we can organise ourselves well to welcome you to the project) – this can include access requirements

– Where you live (so where you will perform)

– A description of your interest in the project (why you would like to do it, any other experience you have of dancing, performing or artmaking)

You can either write 200 words (max 500) or send a video of 2 minutes. You can write or say a lot less if that’s enough for you, and, if it’s better for you, you can write or say more – this is just a guide. We won’t be selecting on this basis (see below) – so it’s just a chance for you to have a think about and express why you’d like to be involved.

After submitting your application you will be directed to a monitoring form.

Selection process

Each application will be checked that it is complete and appropriate in terms of demonstrating an understanding of the process.

Names will be put in a hat for each locale. We will draw names at random. We will look at the three people carefully and make sure that they include people with a range of backgrounds and experiences. We may pick again to address any under-representation.


Deadline for applications: Wednesday 2 September, 12pm


Dance4 is administrating this process and will hold your data in line with our policy. Your data will be shared with the choreographer, producer of this project and partner organisations but not shared with any third parties.


This video is the reading of the full project description for those who prefer this method, with no additional material.


This research is supported using public funding from Arts Council England.

Supported by Yorkshire Dance.



Photo by Kit Haigh


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