Evangelia will be in residency at iC4C for 4-weeks in Nov / Dec 2019. She will be working on development of her new work B-ee-p.

B-ee-p brings movement and language together in a non-conventional way to create a rich visual and acoustic environment. Language becomes music and language becomes movement.

The development of this new performance work focuses on the phonemes of the international phonetic alphabet, their subtleties and meaning, and finding movements that the body is inclined to do with particular sounds. Once the connection between movement and sound is explored and appropriate combinations are established, we have at hand a new vocabulary which contains cultural and social information.

During the residency at iC4C, the aim is to explore in-depth elements which refer to Dadaism, Lettrism, sound poetry, movement behavior, body language and meaning. We will work with connotations linked to gender-related sounds and movements, subliminal messages, struggle of communication, freedom of speech and emotions. The constrained and the free body will be approached in relation to digital technology, as musical instrument and as a carrier of messages.

She will open up class on both Thursday 28 November and Tuesday 3 December and host a Sneak Peek of the new work on Thursday 12 December.


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