Commissioned by Dance4 as part of Big Dance 2012 , Bodies in Flight return to present their work Dream Walk as part of the SO Festival Skegness.

Audience members were lead along a delightful and an enchanting performance walk starting at the train station in Skegness. Provided with a headset, audience members followed performers along the main high street and were offered other perspectives on a familiar setting, accompanied by movement, music, sound scapes, stories and sometimes the realities and reactions to the performance piece.

Stories and anecdotes were collected from around the East Midlands from residents that used to/still visit Skegness on a regular basis, in order to inform the work. The walk culminated on the beach where audience members were left to ponder in their thoughts and take in their surroundings.

This project was performed in Nottingham and Skegness as part of Big Dance 2012.


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