In October 2013 Dance4 joined forces with galleries across Nottingham’s Creative Quarter for a host of performances and installations. Working in partnership with Nottingham Contemporary, Bohunk Institute and Backlit, we explored where dance and galleries meet.

Dance in Galleries 2013 included works from:

Ali Northcott – Embody

Enter into a series of spaces, free from the outside world. This experience for one person allows you time and space to engage contemplate and question through moving image, photography, ritual and choreographic practice – what it is to be human and what connects us.

Guy Dartnell & Chisato Minamimura  – Sound Painter

Sound Painter is an immersive installation using projected sound-images and generated by leading – edge acoustic technology.

It is a development of inter- disciplinary research and collaboration between voice-movement artist Guy Dartnell, deaf choreographer Chisato Minamimura and acoustic specialist Dirk Puschel.

Gunilla Heilborn – This Is Not A Love Story

Gunilla Heilborn’s works are characterized by cinematic timing and humour. This Is Not A Love Story is a story of two reluctant heroes, Kowalsaki and Vera. Or maybe their real names are Emma and Folke? With a disarming simplicity they switch between dance and scattered questioning: Who did what? When ? Where? And Why? Is there any specific period in the history that I should focus on ? Have you worked in the fishing industry?

In a delicate search for context and continuity, our heroes end up on a journey that definitely is not about the destination but the reflection along the way. A true road movie dance.

Florence PeakeRemake

Remake is a continuously moving, sculptural performance work, where performers use lengths of wood to frame and reframe the space and each other in an act of spontaneous choreography.

Sara GiddensStill Moving: Moving Still

This performance installation invites spectators to bring their attention to stillness and the process of moving towards and away from it. Made especially for Nottingham Contemporary’s spaces and current exhibition, Still Moving: Moving Still employs a palette of stillness to invite spectators to slow down, take notice and re-engage with ourselves and the people and places around us. This piece is made to be hardly noticed, to be stumbled upon and dwelt with and alongside.

Katrina Brown, Rosanna Irvine and Tim Sayer – What Remains And Is To Come

A dynamic and performative activation of material processes of and between charcoal, paper, body and breath. Beginning with work-life, repetitive actions, the movements gradually generate an ongoing accumulation of haunting visual and aural images, leaving behind and installed presence of sound and human- scale charcoal prints.


Simo Kellokumpu , Vincent Roumagnac with Aurélie Pétrel

French- Finnish collaborators Simo and Vincent’s working process is an exploration of the nature of choreogrpahic art: its relation to history and other works, and the way these are presented, used (viewed), archived, reported and recycled.



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