Christopher will be in residence at iC4C for 2 weeks from 2 September 2019. During this time he will work on developing two new works.

Walk 4 Me is an interactive digital dance work exploring a tension between the pedestrian, distribution of labour and the icon referencing Janet Jackson’s concert stage walks. Christopher is developing the programme with performance coder Naoto Hieda. This is their second project together as Naoto developed a movement responsive sound programme for Christopher piece Lads (2017).

The second piece is a movement-based sculpture installation exploring spectatorship and class structure. This work is questioning the similarities and intersections between looking at gogo boys on platforms and Greco-Roman nudes sculptures on plinths whilst finding inspiration through the history of exploitation and sexualisation in visual art of the Paris Opera Ballet rats during the expressionist period. Prior to its residency at Dance4, early research and development was supported through a residency at the Villa Empain Foundation Boghossian in Brussels.


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