Choreographic Lab was Research Artist 2018-2019. The research was focused on exploring quiet, reflective and immersive spaces for heightened inner awareness through gesture, voice and sound. This was underpinned by critical reflection on the nature and efficacy of mindful and meditative practices in/as performance.

In addition, Choreographic Lab facilitated a training workshop in the Creative Articulations Process (CAP) that elaborated on the six facets of CAP – from opening to outwarding – to develop creative skills in awareness, tracking and writing, and provided resources for ongoing practice of the process, formed over 15 years.

Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon, co-directors of Choreographic Lab, spent a good amount of the summer and early autumn of 2019 in residence at Dance4 developing the performance practice BreathBone – the first half of a two-part project BreathBone : Present Tense.

Vida and Jane describe this work as an improvised choreography of the felt sense and plan, as they entered the studio, to use methods drawn from the Creative Articulations Process (CAP), mindfulness and Focusing (Eugene Gendlin) to explore the qualities and processes of reflective practice in and as performance.

What follows are fragments of our process in the form of selected notes / photos that give a taste of our time in residence at Dance4. Any full document should also include tales of the many cups of tea, pondering over sound desks, trailing of sound cables and David’s kind transporting of chairs between studios (thank you David)!

To read Choreographic lab’s research process  click here.



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