Chatum Tanning and Andy Edwards  will come to iC4C to work on the questions of promise, time travel, and the fantasy of difference. At the end of this time, they will present a public event.

“This prophecy is a promise: this utterance obliges us to make it happen. We write this in December 2020, and much is uncertain; but we know that in this future there will be smiles, questions, gestures and flowers.

We might even see you there.”
Chatum Tanning

Chatum Tanning are spending three weeks on Two Hander with their friend and playwright Andy Edwards. They’re making a massive play (with an interval!) about time travel, the history of western theatre, acting, imperialism, tables, carafes, soft power, hard decision, role-swapping, prophecy and intrigue. It’ll be performed by Rohanne and Paul, who can’t act, but want to.

They will then spend a week making Table Dances and Boardroom Games. They know less about this… but will dance on office furniture, and attempt to commune with future ghosts. Stay tuned.


Credits: Andy Edwards

Thanks to Chisenhale Dance Space and a-n

Photo by Rohanne Udall and Paul Hughes.

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