Brocade celebrates energetic alliances between female dancers and musicians.

Sound and movement is propelled along a catwalk and sewn together by a rhythmic cadence of beats and jumps. Each performers brio and state of play is both consecrated and unwound. Brocade is at once inspired by the women it frames, their practice and the wider, historical and contemporary notions of craft and physical work.

Brocade has been directed and choreographed by Roberta Jean and is presented by her company, mysteryskin and has been developed through intensive residencies in England, Ireland and Scotland with support from Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Dance4, Dance Limerick, Dance Base, Dance East, Dartington and The Work Room.

This project was perfomed as part of Nottdance 2017.

For more information about past Nottdance festivals  please visit the Nottdance Archive.


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