98 Interlude: In the Future

98 Interlude: In the Future is a visual art and dance collaboration, a contemporary exploration of the disassociation between the body on screen and the live body. The live performance work consists of three components, one choreographed dance and two individual projections – one of animated digital art and the other a short film that explores the geography of the performers body. 98 Interlude is influenced by the works of Renee Cox, Adam Martinakis, Carolee Schneemann and Pipilotti Rist.

The work serves to investigate the potency of an additional dimension on how the future through technology will look, and how our bodies fit into this reality. The use of digital art allows the space and creativity to expand beyond the limitations of what the physical body can do thus permitting the performance to exist within and create its own world where the perception of it is beyond everyday life.

This project seeks to explore deeper the idea of virtual reality and aims to investigate the incorporation of movement against simulated material. The main objectives are to answer these questions. How can the choreography and digital be best performed and integrated whilst maintaining artistic intention? How can the body be represented in various ways through screen and physical form and to what affect? How does haptic visuality impact audience empathy?

Bakani Pick-Up – Choreographer
Daniel Longhurst – Dancer
George Jasper Stone – Visual Artist

This work is supported by Dance4, Falmouth University and Arts Council England.


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