Meeting for independent dance artists and producers.
Artists Seeta Patel and Joe Moran (in London) and Charlie Morrissey, Jamaal Burkmar, Mary Prestige and Vanessa Grasse (in Leeds) hosted two ‘Artist Gathering’ meetings in spring 2020 for independent dance artists and producers to learn more about, reflect upon and contribute to the international programme of work ‘Dance from England’ led by Dance4 with investment from Arts Council England.

The four-year (2018-2022) Dance from England programme has an Advisory Council that includes independent artists and producers who have championed the desire to involve the voices and perspectives of a wider group of artists and producers on the developing programme and thus invited Dance4 to attend two Artist Gathering meetings, one in London and one in Leeds.

These two artist-organised and artist-hosted meetings intend to create that dialogue in a spirit of collaboration that acknowledges the critical role of independent artists and producers and in the development of our artform. The gatherings invited Dance4 to share the developing programme and to listen to and be informed by the expertise of artists and producers from across the sector. 

Artist Gathering meetings were initiated in 2017 as an informal and ad-hoc artist-only context for dialogue, action and peer support. It is a fluid and responsive proposition that continues to evolve and articulate its unfolding terms and aspirations. These themed meetings are a new departure and are also open to independent dance producers.

‘There are pervasive power differentials in our artform where artists are frequently excluded from policy and strategic development. So, whilst this an imperfect gesture in that this is in effect a discussion rather artist involvement in conceiving and initiating programmes, we, the organising artists, believe this represents a step in the right direction and is one to be celebrated.’
Artist Gathering


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