Sioned Huws creates performances that can adapt to diverse casts, contexts and architecture; reflecting on the physical structure of reality, recognising that it is always a person and a space.

Sioned choreographed and performed solo works whilst studying at The Merce Cunningham Studios, New York. Since she had choreographed and performed a range of film, installation and dance works, small and large scale. Her performances have been created and presented in Wales, UK, Europe, USA, Asia and south America.

THE WORK- The body becomes space and space is transformed into body; in repetition the movement assumes a sensibility of an internal landscape, reflecting the soul of Aomori, the silent repetition of snowfall. From vertical to horizontal a choreographic process of translation and understanding, a guesture in repetition becomes an emotive containment. Each performance is considered for the space it is being performed in, all doors kept open to reveal a space beyond the performance space; entries, path ways and exits choreographed according to an architectural structure; the space is taken down to its bare engineering, revealing floor surfaces, walls, windows and doorways. Where possible daylight is the only sort of light.




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