Nottdance is a biennial festival that is curated by the team at Dance4. We continue to position the voice of artists at the heart of the development of the festival. For 2019, Dance4 is working with Matthias Sperling as co-curator. It is our ambition that Matthias will then select his successor.

To view the Nottdance 2019 full programme please go to

Embodying our philosophy of curiosity, risk and doubt has been at the heart of Nottdance in its near 30 years. Foregrounding current perspectives from artists across the world, the festival has presented work of the time, views and works from artists that seek to unearth new knowledge, test ideas and challenge the status quo. View past festival listings here and Nottdance 2019 curatorial statement Nottdance curatorial statement here.

It is no surprise that the vision and programme of Nottdance emerged from a city such as Nottingham. The city’s rich history of radical performance across theatre, visual arts, live art and dance has informed and contributed to the festival, making it the most relevant dance festival in the UK for many years.