Nottingham based choreographer Nicola Carter will be in residency at Dance4 for 2 weeks between 1 – 14 July. During this time Nicola will be developing her research around her work Peer Pleasure.

Nicola is interested in how as individuals we are percieved and the choices each person makes to potray aspects of  thier persona in both personal narratives and aspects of who they are publicly with reference to work and labour, freedom and restriction.

Nicola will be working with collaborators Kimberley Harvey, Seraina Dejaco and Juile Moosburg. Together they’ll explore her work through multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary techniques involving dance, text, film and music.

Nicola will also lead a workshop on Thursday 4 July in which she’ll use movement based techniques and mirrors as a tool to investigate socio and/or economic values incorporated in TV, news, politics, film and entertainment.

Nicola is in residence the same time as artist Katrina Brown and will share her research during a double bill featuring both Katrina and Nicola on Thurday 11 July.