Autumn 2020 will see changes in Dance4’s senior team.

Our Executive Director, Rachel Emmett is stepping down after 28 years and we wish her every success and thank her for her tireless commitment and leadership of Dance4 since our very early days. We are delighted to announce Emma Hayes, currently General Manager at People Dancing will take-up the role in mid-October.

Our Programme Director, Hannah Sharpe is on maternity leave and her role will be covered in part by Lucie Mirkova in partnership with DanceXchange’s where she is Head of Artistic Programmes.

We are also pleased to announce the joint appointment of Zinzi Minott and Malik Nashad Sharpe to undertake the role of Artist Leader. This temporary role will join our senior team from October to March contributing to our research into artist leadership and our desire to address the imbalance of power of the independent artist in decision making within Dance4.