Artist and choreographer Mark Bleakley was due to visit iC4C for a residency this month but instead has created a remote participatory opportunity for Nottingham residents.

A Body Under Pressure is a responsive participation experience that asks; how can we disseminate touch or other forms of physicality to an audience that is engaging remotely? What can we use as a stand-in for collective presence?

A select number of participants will be taken through a remote process where they will be asked to combine memory and sculpture by casting a part of the body using a safe medical grade thermoplastic, alongside recording their own personal memories and reflections.

Outcomes of A Body Under Pressure will be shared at a virtual Sunday Supplement on the 6 September 2020, 12-1:30pm, which will be hosted by Mark and Dance4 and will invite you to think about how and why we place value upon the objects around us and how our bodies are transformed through their interactions.

If you would like to attend the Sunday supplement, book your free ticket here.

Photo by Mark Bleakley