Closing Date for Applications: 20th June 2019

Presented as part of Live Art Development Agency’s DIY programme, ANDROGYNY! will be a weekend of dance and discussion for artists who:

Are curious about androgyny
Are skeptical about androgyny
Love dancing but feel self-conscious
Love dancing but feel frustrated with the lack of queer-specific places to dance
Don’t go to dance classes because it means having to decide what to wear
Want to use dancing to disrupt, complicate, resist, or play with the gender binary
Are sick of understanding gender only through language
Want to find a place for gender fuckery in their dancing
Want to find a place for dancing in their gender fuckery

Charlie Ashwell and Es Morgan invite artists of all disciplines to join us to think about gender through dancing. We propose androgyny as a tool to approach gender through movement, action and sensation, beyond aesthetics. We want to challenge what masculine and feminine dancing looks like!

This DIY is for artists of any gender and from any discipline, including dancers and non-dancers. You should be comfortable/ interested/ prepared to work with movement, though you needn’t have any experience of doing this.

They would like to work with people who are already engaged in some way in questioning the politics of gender, whether within their own practice or outside of it.

They will prioritise people who may otherwise feel excluded or alienated from dance spaces or dance training opportunities; whether that’s gender non-conforming dancers who feel uncomfortable in the normatively gendered space of the dance class, or non-dancers who would not normally enter dance contexts.

To apply, register your details in the online application and tell them a bit about why you want to take part.

More information on how to apply here.