Katrina Brown will be visiting Dance4 during her residency between the 1 – 14 July. Katrina is a UK/NL based choreographer working across performance, installation and drawing and the translation of ideas between time-based movement and two-dimensional surfaces of floor, wall, skin, page and screen.

At Dance4 Katrina will be working on her choreographic project tilt/rhythm/back developing a series of dances, drawings, artist pages and discussions to explore a notion of the ‘dorsal’ and a moving body’s orientation to the back – the surfaces of the body hidden from view. Katrina is interested in how moving through the back and moving backwards creates a particular relationship to the spine, weight, gravity, breath, skin, vision – often manifesting as a slightly disorientating force.

Throughout the residency time Katrina will be working with collaborators Bakani Pick- Up who is a dancer and choreographer, writer Emma Cocker and Rob Gawthrop who works in sound and visual art towards developing a ‘choreographic exhibition’ consisting of dances and drawings for gallery-like and other architectural spaces.

Katrina will be leading an Open Class on Tuesday 9 July where she will be exploring how moving backwards opens different sets of relation between spinal axis, weight, breath, surface, vision and time than is usually experienced in our general forward motion – often manifesting as a slightly disorientating force.

Katrina will be sharing a Sneak Peak of her work so far as part of a double bill with artist Nicola Carter who is also in residence at Dance4 at the beginning of July.

If you would like to take part in the tilt/rhythm/back lab event full details of how you can get involved can be found here.

For full information about all of the above click here.