Congratulations to our Jump Start group who have finished their sessions for the year.

For their end of year performance, Jump Start were invited to perform at TOLFest19, an annual young people’s summer festival showcasing dance and film. The festival is run by Inspire Culture and was held at The SPACE at Nottingham Girls High School.

Before the performance, the children were asked the following questions about their experiences at Jump Start:  What their favourite thing is about Jump Start, what they would like to do more of and whether they would invite their friends to Jump Start.

Here’s what some of them said about why they come to Jump Start.

‘Once I’ve made a commitment, I don’t give up. I love creating dancers, making friends, having fun and performing.’ – Esme

‘I would invite my friends because it’s awesome’ – Freddy

‘I come to Jump Start to have fun, make friends, dance, enjoy, connect, kind, learn, teach, space, studio’ – Jessica

‘Because my mum was a teacher and my hobby is dancing and I want to show everybody what a girl can do.’ – Emilia

‘I come to Jump Start because it’s fun and I enjoy it. I come because it’s different to other types of dance that I do.’ – Anya

‘I come to Jump Start because it’s fun’ – Rosy

‘ It is fun and I like being included in performances.’ – Sophie

‘I come to Jump Start because I want to learn how to dance, show them some of my dancing more and see my new teachers.’ – Debra

‘I like seeing my friends and making new friends’ – Marley

‘I would definitely invite my friends because my school is in Sneinton and it’s a good way of getting active.’ – Anya