Fractured and Entangled: Sunday Supplement on November 21, 2021, saw the launch of two related projects following on from the premiere of Always Already by Karen Christopher and Tara Fatehi Irani.

1. Fractured Seeds in Hearts of Machine

Using performance material from Always Already, reconfigured for the camera, the short video series directed by Jemima Yong are meditations on selected moments from the project, and are designed to be viewed individually or as a collection.

The series is available to view here.


2. Entanglements of Two: A Series of Duets

Drawing out the particularities of working in twos, with a focus on collaborative performance making, this book considers the duet as a particular configuration in which to think, the duo a microcosm of humankind, and presents everyday entanglement of form and practice seen through the lens of the smallest multiple unit. Edited by Karen Christopher & Mary Paterson.

Entanglements of Two is available online from Unbound and Intellect Books.