BreathBone is a collection of short daily tasks for embodied awareness and the creative self.

Arising following the impact of covid, these tasks are a commitment to mindful wellbeing and are an opportunity to invite creativity into daily life. The tasks can be followed daily on Instagram @breath.bone, or explored as a collection at Choreographic Lab as a collection.


Who is it for?
The exercises are for anyone interested in being present to their bodily experience and alive to sensory and imaginative capacities. So whether you are an educator, artist, business person, health worker or in any other walk of life, these exercises creatively, gently and playfully help you to explore the present moment.

The tasks

The tasks are arranged in weekly themes; currently Breath, Bone, Sensing and Being with others to follow. They are part of the project BreathBone (Arts Council Funded). Each week follows the Creative Articulation Process (CAP), with each day corresponding to the six facets as devised by Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon (Chroegraphic Lab).

What you will be invited to do
The easy to follow exercises are in audio and/or written form and will take 5 to 10 minutes each day.

You will be shifting between reflecting, moving, writing and drawing. No specialist skill or prior knowledge is needed – just bring yourself.

What you will need:

– pen(s), pencil(s) and paper.

– if possible, a quiet space/time.

– a phone to photograph, video or audio record your responses (should you wish to share them with others).


Images by Vida Midgelow.