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tilt/rhythm/back is investigating how we orientate to our bodies, to others and to the world, working with physical explorations of moving through the ‘back’ in relation to spine, vision, gravity – and time. And the philosophical ideas that open up in the body and in moving together. In this way, Katrina is curious how these themes might offer an entry point for diverse groups of people, as well as interdisciplinary groups of artist, dancer, writer etc. I would be interested to work with an open invite to all interested adults , young and old.

Katrina would like to share some of the thematic ideas of the project and further test modes of working together that shifts back and forth between activities of moving, drawing, talking. She is interested in understanding how complex ideas can be shared in collective making processes and working together physically in the studio. How philosophical and abstract ideas can be explored through the body and moving, drawing, talking.

Katrina would like to invite dancers, performers, those interested in the body, interdisciplinary aritsts, those interested in moving and drawing practices to join her to explore the philosophy of her ideas throughout this lab event.

Suitable for 18+


Tilt/rhythm/back Lab with Katrina Brown
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