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Katrina invites dancers, performers, young and old and those interested in the body, in moving and drawing practices and interdisciplinary artists to join her lab event which will use philosophical ideas that reside in the body to explore moving, drawing and talking.

During the lab, Katrina will talk about some of the connections between and processes of moving and drawing in relation to her current project, previous projects and a wider choreographic practice and offer opportunities for those who attend to join in with discussions, exercises and activities connected to her work.

Katrina will share some writing, moving, drawing studies developed in the residency, instigating a discussion around how to present hybrid material-visual-live work. Her current project, tilt/rhythm/back is investigating how we orientate to our bodies, to others and to the world, working with physical explorations of moving through the ‘back’ in relation to spine, vision, gravity – and time.

Suitable for all ages.

Tilt/rhythm/back Lab with Katrina Brown
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