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A message from Chatting Tanum:

We’ve decided to cancel this Sunday Suppository. After working together for two weeks we’re totally knackered. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it’s ok to cancel stuff (especially Zoom events).

If you came here curious about our work, you might enjoy this poem we wrote a couple of months ago: about Fatima, who went into Cyber, and what we think she might have got up to there.

Have a good weekend,

Rohanne, Andy, Paul


Chatting Tanum and Andy Edwards come to iC4C to think about swapping chairs and shifting structures; about prophecy, time travel, and the fantasy of things being different.

At the end of this time, we will present… something? On Zoom!? We don’t yet know what that’s gonna involve. What’s the most fun you can have with two friends on a Sunday afternoon? Expect smiles, questions, gestures and flowers.
Chatting Tanum and Andy Edwards.


Image by Chatting Tanum.

Funded by Arts Council England.

Sunday Suppository with Chatting Tanum
presented at Zoom

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