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Join artist Aniela Piasecka for a sharing of initial research-in-progress taking the form of a voiceover sound work, a meditation on biomedical understandings of the body, choreographic concepts and personal experiences of chronic illness. An invitation to step back from the hyperdrive of visual online content and to listen to one’s own body as much as to the sound work itself.

Inspired by the world of ASMR, audio dance classes in lockdown, and the comfort of audiobooks, the sound work engages in choreographic, linguistic and aural expression, attempting to create a nuanced and complex counterpoint to the pervasive status quo maintained between ‘the healthy’ and ‘the ill’.

Inspired by queer theory and its solid rejection of the binaries embedded in our current societies, of which the aforementioned categories are just another example, the work will purposefully muddle certainties and disrupt convictions, centring a more sense-based appreciation of the body and moving away from the act of watching dance. With this in mind, listeners will be encouraged to prioritise their own bodies, through suggestions embedded within the script to notice and explore sensations, feelings and movements that might arise when experiencing the work.

Sound design and mixing by Ailie Ormston.

To book, please e-mail Jess at [email protected]  before 4:30pm on the day of the event, whereby you will be sent the relevant details directly.

Sneak Peek of Sample with Aniela Piasecka
presented at Zoom

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