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You are invited to join Stefan Jovanović and collaborators Katye Coe, Maëva Berthelot, Ophelia Young and Shannon Stewart in a public live-streamed sharing of their new production in research and development entitled Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain.

The work-in-progress explores the ending of the common perceptions of time as a linear phenomenon, often referred to as Chronos time, through a live speculative fabulation and poetic proposition, combining ritual, sculpture and dance in a 45-minute sharing.

This sneak peek marks the ending of the collaborators’ time at Dance4, after two weeks of research & development.

The scenography you will witness as part of the sharing has been designed and built by play architect Jack Hardy, consisting of a large 30m3 steel mountainous time-machine, 3 meters in height. After having been in hibernation over this past winter, the Mountain will be awakened by the team, exploring how live dance meets the assemblage, de-construction, re-construction and mechanisation of this robust sculpture and fifth mage of a modern-day folkloric fable. In addition, the artistic team will explore the embodiment, inhabitation and tactile evolution of four costume-spirit-sculptures designed by Lil’wat First Nation-Canadian garment artist Curtis Oland.

The live stream will be followed by a DAS Arts Feedback session facilitated by curator, therapist and teacher Frank Bock.

The ambition of this R&D will be to explore where materiality meets movement, where the somatic meets the scenographic, and where the ancestral meets the artistic and the systemic. You will be invited to reflect on your virtual experience of the work in this early stage of its development.

Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain will invite you to consider what togetherness can be when we occupy space and time virtually as well as physically. The project sees its future as an outdoor and site-specific performance intervention merging choreography, live-music, installation art and virtual reality (VR) to address one of the most pressing issues of our time: the death of our imagined future on this planet. Using new virtual interfaces together with archetypes and rituals, this works aims to collide realities on different levels: old and new technologies, real and digital worlds, art audiences with passers-by, and present with future time.

Suitable for all ages. Please note this performance may include loud sounds.


Artistic Direction & Production by Stefan Jovanović.
Artistic Collaborators: Katye Coe, Ophelia Young, Shannon Stewart, Maëva Berthelot
Set Design by Jack Hardy
Costume Design by Curtis Oland
Dramaturgy & Creative Strategy by Eva Martinez
Facilitation by Frank Bock
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.
Partners include Dance4 and DanceXchange.
Image by Stefan Jovanović.

Sneak Peek of Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain by Stefan Jovanović
presented at Zoom

Zoom, https://zoom.us/


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