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Seke Chimutengwende (London) takes residence during the last week of July 2021 with five dancers: Natifah White, Rose Sall Sao, Rhys Dennis, Alethia Antonia, and Adrienne Ming; as well as dramaturg Charlie Ashwell. Eleanor Sikorski has curated this chroegraphic residency (one of two residencies) to take place at Newstead Abbey, a stately home in Nottinghamshire as part of the European research project Dancing Museums II.

The artists will spend time in the house and grounds, reflecting on the history of the site and responding with movement and voice. This is a continuation of Seke’s current research for a new group choreography looking at ghosts and haunted houses as metaphors for how histories of slavery and colonialism haunt the present.

Seke and the dancers will explore how this unique and historically loaded site affects how they work and move, and how their experience here will, in turn, affect how they work in theatre spaces.

In addition, on Friday 30 July Seke and the dancers will be working with photographer Ben Harriet (Nottingham) to capture portraits of the dancers as they move through the house.

There is a small fee to access Newstead Abbey park and the house. You can find out more about visiting Newstead Abbey here.

Seke Chimutengwende in Residency at Newstead Abbey
presented at Newstead Abbey

Newstead Abbey, Newstead Abbey
Nottingham, NG15 8NA United Kingdom

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