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During the Autumn term 2021, EMDAN are offering a series of contemporary based practical dance classes open to all dance artists across the region. The sessions will run in three blocks of four, led by three passionate, experienced, local dance artists. Classes will offer the opportunity to move together in a safe and supportive environment.

Join Alice Marshall (Vale) for a fast-paced floor-based class. Alice’s unique hybrid technique of flying low and release is designed to build strength and agility. No previous flying low experience needed but having partaken in floor-based class before will be of use. Socks and knee-pads recommended.
Below is a list of all the upcoming classes for the rest of Autumn 2021 taking place on Mondays 7 – 8.30pm.



Date Teacher
8 November Alice Marshall


Date Teacher
15 November Sophie Thorpe
22 November Sophie Thorpe
29 November Sophie Thorpe
6 December Sophie Thorpe

Join Sophie Thorpe for a dynamic class that draws on release-based technique and floor work. Sophie will focus on finding momentum and flow whilst exploring how you can move in and out of the floor with efficiency and ease. Playing with the constant shifting of weight, Sophie will work to find power and fluidity in the body.


Suitability: This is an open and accessible class suitable for all dance practitioners/ artists working in all areas of dance and the arts. Some experience of practical dance training required.


Image by Josh Hawkins.

Open Contemporary Class with Alice Marshall
presented at iC4C

iC4C, 2 Dakeyne Street
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG3 2AR United Kingdom

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